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Painful though it is, I am making headway with my book, Class. It's all about the role we can play to get the best as a dance teacher or musician in the dance studio. In particluer in Ballet Class. I'm currently putting in the video footage ready for some kind of publication. Anyone out there willing to help me fund this bit? !!!

11/09/2014 16:02 By Karen MacIver

I had a request yesterday to work with a musician over in Barcelona. If I were to run a weekend course in February 2015, is there anyone interested in joining us for an intensive weekend? Let me know thru my contact form onsite. Thanks .Karen

10/09/2014 08:48 By Karen MacIver

Just had a lovely holiday in South of France near Monaco and saw the influences of the great artists, Matisse and Chagalle, on the works of Diaghilev.

08/09/2014 12:07 By Karen MacIver

In the pursuit of amking classical music 'cool' there can be quite a lot of bad taste about. However I have just come across 2Cellos. Yikes they are good. Or if you , watch my piano duo PianoPiano for a different take on modern music! 


28/08/2014 17:38 By Karen MacIver

Back with the company at class yesterday with their fabulous new programme coming out this season. The Crucible by Arthur Miller turned into a ballet. Astonishing.

27/08/2014 10:55 By Karen MacIver

For anyone who saw the astonishing wim wenders choreography at Edinburgh Festival here is the music...

Jun Miyake - tHe heRe aNd afTer
Mo Boma - Walk Like A Pygmy
Gustavo Santaolalla - Endless flight
Hope Sandoval - These things
Mari Boine - Vuoi Vuoi me
Portishead - Undenied
Barry Adamson - Le matin des noire
Lucky Pierre - Rotspots from the crap map
Quantic - Life in the rain
Mina Agossi - Ain’t misbehavin
Trygve Seim - Sorrows
Lisa Ekdahl - Rivers of Love
Wise in time - Firing line
René Aubry - Sweet Mambo
Hazmat Modine - Bahamut
Portishead - We carry on
Lisa Ekdahl - Cry me a river
Gustavo Santaolalla - Can things be better
Bombay Dub Orchestra - Compassion
The black mighty orchestra - Ocean beach
Cluster& Eno - Schöne Hände
René Aubry - Seuls au monde (but this wasn't included in Edinburgh performance)

26/08/2014 09:59 By Karen MacIver edinburgh festival,

The group on Linkedin I was talking about is called "teachers of Classical Ballet'. Good discussion point. Excuse the pun!

25/08/2014 09:22 By Karen MacIver linkedin,

Just to let you know that Linkedin has sub groups for members and there are some great Ballet forums for discussions. I will send links tomorrow!

21/08/2014 11:51 By Karen MacIver

Some great companies visiting the Edinburgh Festival again this year. Try to go see Sweet Mambo. I am constatnly elated, surprised and awed by the works of the late Pina Bausch.

20/08/2014 13:43 By Karen MacIver

I have just booked Rambert Dance Studios to perform a concert on 2 pianos in October. Strange this is not a dance gig as my life is spent in this environment. This music is way off the beat and track for Ballet Class!!!

14/08/2014 20:17 By Karen MacIver

This scity that I live in has an International reputation for Dance and Ballet. The Scottish Government over 25 years ago, decided to invest in children who showed talent in dance , and full time free training and schooling is provided at the Dance School of Scotland, along with the full time course at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the most wonderful dancers of Scottish Ballet. A truly gifted city that nourishes musicians to work in this scene. Very proud.

08/02/2014 15:25 By Karen MacIver

Hi, for anyone reading my blog, and might want to buy a CD please put in the code FRIEND and you will receive a great discount off the price. This is still available till mid January 2014. Happy New Year.

06/01/2014 11:53 By Karen MacIver

I have done a crazy thing and inadvertantly removed all my reviews from the website, so I've lost some great stuff. I know it's a pain and time consuming to write reviews but it really helps me and customers. If you have a wee moment to say a word or two about any purchases or downloads you've made, please do post a comment (good or not so good is still helpful!). It is so much appreciated.

03/01/2014 14:01 By Karen MacIver

Well , having safely negotiated a Scottish New Year it's time to make amends for last year! I have been writing a book on music and dance , using feedback from some lectures I've delivered and now it's time to write up my thoughts , recollections and advice from some sage dancers and musicians. Have yu any thoughts? Send me a post through my contact page!

Welcome to 2014!

03/01/2014 13:52 By Karen MacIver

I have had a surprising turnaround for my music course in that two ballet companies are employing me to deliver the course on site with them rather than staff coming up to Glasgow. If you are still interested on coming to Glasgow Tramway (Scottish Ballet Studios) on 21/22nd September, do let me know through the contact page . Thanks everyone!!

16/08/2013 20:48 By Karen MacIver

That's me off to the Far East next week and spending time with some young composers. At the end of my stay, I will be working with the pianists at SOTA in Singapore (School of Theatre Arts) music and dance faculty . My Discussions In Dance Course can be viewed on the website. Have a look . It might be of interest to your dance faculty too!

07/06/2013 17:08 By Karen MacIver

I will soon be announcing the first Weekend Course for Musicians in Dance taking place at Scottish Ballet studios.Please do get in touch or pass on information when the dates are announced. This is aimed at pianists of all abilities wishing to access or brush up skills for working in the world of dance - especially ballet.

02/06/2013 08:47 By Karen MacIver

I've been hosting some training days down in England that have proved to be really insightful.I'll soon be off to Singapore for more of the same and have my sights on East coast USA tour. I have learned so much about my own playing and skills through 'Discussions In Dance'. Met some great musicians and spent a wonderful day yesterday at Scottish Ballet with 26 teachers of dance. Some frank discussion on counting of music was had!

28/04/2013 10:38 By Karen MacIver

I attended the Move It! event at Olympia a couple of weeks ago. It was an interesting cross-section of the dance scene in UK and Europe. I did find only one other musician there, my mentor and friend Stephen Lade. He was at the helm for (Ballet) Rambert some years ago and is one of the most inspiring musicians you will hear.

22/03/2013 15:43 By Karen MacIver

I discovered how to publish an iMix on iTunes. Duh. Probably everyone knew except me. Anyhow it's called Great Ballet Music to Enjoy and it has a few tracks of inspirational music for choreography (mixed with 2 tracks of mine!).

28/02/2013 12:14 By Karen MacIver
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