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There is an interesting and long running thread on Teachers of Classical Ballet Group from Massimiliano Greco on the importance of music in Class. Wonderful thoughts. Have a listen to some of my albums in the hope you may agree!

23/02/2015 14:10 By Karen MacIver

I am rethinking the title of my book from First Class to The Art of Ballet Class. Any thoughts?

22/02/2015 16:46 By Karen MacIver

I have not been able to access my website nor email for a couple of weeks due to being hacked. It's the most frustrating circumstance. However all back up and running. Sorry for any inconvenience on getting on the website. Thanks.

20/02/2015 11:39 By Karen MacIver

Tickets available for opening night of Scottish Opera's Orfeo on 19th Feb - directed by Scottish Ballet's perivious artisitic director Ashley Page. I have the great luck to be working with the dancers in production warm-up class. Divine!

04/02/2015 13:28 By Karen MacIver

That's the first draft of Grade6 new music off to British Association of Teachers of Dancing for approval.

03/02/2015 14:18 By Karen MacIver

I am having more trusted people looking at draft one of my book, First Class. This week I hand over a script to celebrated Ballet teacher Penny Withers - famed teacher and gyrotonics instructor!.

02/02/2015 15:12 By Karen MacIver

Thanks to Marion Christie, fellow musician at Royal Conservatoire, to offer to look over the first draft og my book, First Class. She had a LOT to say (and alter slightly!)

30/01/2015 12:39 By Karen MacIver

Have a look on Facebook 4dancers (.org is the website). It's a great blog with loads of interesting stuff. And they did a lovely promotion for my music too!

28/01/2015 16:06 By Karen MacIver

Can anyone explain Modes?!!

23/01/2015 16:03 By Karen MacIver

It's been ages in the making but I am finally getting round to typesetting my video-book . Decided to call it First Class (I think...!)It's a drop-in magazine looking at dance (Ballet) class from a musician's perspective. Hints for teachers and loads of impro stuff for musicians. IT"S REALLY HARD TO WRITE A BOOK!!!

Now I need to get permissions on a lot of video clips, then talk on camera about musical choices we make. Exciting but daunting....

20/01/2015 16:34 By Karen MacIver

The parallels visually with Birdman(2015 oscar nominee) and Black Swan are obvious as Michael Keaton alter ego flies with his black wings. However the music score to Black Swan with Natalie Portman was a triumph of arranging and extemporisation on the score to Swan Lake by Clint Mansell. Birdman however struggles with snippets here and there of classical themes ranging from Faure to Tchaikovsky bound together by a score commissioned for drum kit. Altogether very clunky.....

19/01/2015 09:29 By Karen MacIver Black Swan,

I have reassigned my Kindergarten Kids on iTunes to be in the 'Classical' genre. It's really not classical at all as it's fun music for Kids first Dance Class. But I was really not reaching any customers by putting it in the Children's section. There is no "Ballet" category on iTunes either. Doh! If anyone can find it (more easily!) please let me know.

14/01/2015 19:30 By Karen MacIver

There is a great discussion group page on Linkedin called Teachers of Classical Ballet. It reaches worldwide and has loads of insightful messages on it. You can join the group without subscription so long as you've signed up already to Linkedin. At first I couldn't really see the point of Linkedin but this is a really good forum.

12/01/2015 20:31 By Karen MacIver

I found out to my utter astonishment that Kate Bush knows of my recordings for ballet class and uses them in her warm ups. How flattering and delightful!!

11/01/2015 14:59 By Karen MacIver

Through my enduring interest in music for the moving image, I shifted my focus from Dance to Film for quite some time. Working in film revealed why dance was quite an exceptional experience. Of course , the actors on celluloid can't react to the music as it is added long after filming. So imagine having a dance performance on film accompanied live by an orchestra! What a strange experience that would be. Fundamentally dance and music have a far great symbiosis than film.

10/01/2015 16:39 By Karen MacIver karen maciver,

I noticed that the RAD are running a course in London on 16th Feb for new musicians coming into dance. I really would encourage any potential players to sign up. Playing for dance will be a whole new world. Tomorrow I'm going to talk about Silent movies and dance. Enjoy!

08/01/2015 15:47 By Karen MacIver Royal Academy of Dance,

This week sees the return of Scottish Ballet to the newly refurbished Theatre Royal Glasgow with choreography of Nutcracker by the dearly loved founder Peter Darrell. My dear friends in the music department know all the steps!

07/01/2015 17:33 By Karen MacIver

First day back at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with Syeinvor Palsson teaching Cunningham Class. Yesterday was a joy as I had 2 Steinway Grands to play on at scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet. Today a wee Boston upright!

06/01/2015 12:41 By Karen MacIver

Today saw the first warm-up rehearsals with the dancers in the cast of Scottish Opera's Orfeo. Director, famed choreographer Ashley Page. Fantastic!

05/01/2015 17:57 By Karen MacIver Scottish Opera,

Two days ago the borders of Scotland were perilously close to being a foreign country to England but it did not happen.As A Scot, I would love to have more say in my country but without the rest of the UK, we would probably struggle financially and, more importantly, artistically. Scotland produces the most inventive, creative, humorous (that's important) and insightful artists I know and I feared they would not have a voice if we were not protected financially. I can only hope this happens now.....

20/09/2014 18:01 By Karen MacIver
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