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I see there are a number of music training elements popping up dance institutions around the UK. AT LAST!

28/05/2015 18:25 By Karen MacIver

Tomorrow sees the beginning of the assessment period for the Music theatre students at the The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. these talented people have to have a 'QUADRUPLE threat' now. Dance,Act, Sing and Play an instrument to a fine level. Poor students are sitting their Ballet exams tomorrow. Oh well Mikah Smillie and me at the helm. they wil be fine!

25/05/2015 19:14 By Karen MacIver

Just to keep you in the loop that I am adding posts to my FB page with loads of hints and tips on playing music for dance. Have a look on https://www.facebook.com/MusicForBalletAndDanceClass

only 5 more LIKES till 1000!

24/05/2015 17:25 By Karen MacIver

THanks to everyone who is Liking my Facebook page. I suddenly have over 800 and so it has spurred me onto writing so much more there. Please do have a visit at https://www.facebook.com/MusicForBalletAndDanceClass and contribute your thoughts. Like and Share would be good too!

14/05/2015 16:44 By Karen MacIver

We in the UK are in an odd position in that 56 of our 59 constituencies in Scotland have become Nationalist and in England the Tory party rule us all. The Conservatives have little regard for the Arts and are keen on removing non-essential subjects in schools such as Dance and Music. How little do they understand.....

This will be my only blog ever about politics.

13/05/2015 12:39 By Karen MacIver

Please visit (and Like if yu wish!) my page dedicated to music for dance . I shall post ideas and exchanges with you all to enjoy . Please join in, comment and give of your  thoughts please! https://www.facebook.com/MusicForBalletAndDanceClass

10/05/2015 19:58 By Karen MacIver

Some great dance companies gracing our shores again this year at Edinburgh Festival Have a look and enjoy!

29/04/2015 12:58 By Karen MacIver

I have had a dormant facebook page called Music for Ballet and Dance Class and to be honest am a bit busy to keep it alive. However, of late, I have had SO MANY LIKES that it has spurred me on to bringing the old girl back to life! Thanks all my dance pals worldwide!

27/04/2015 09:04 By Karen MacIver

If anyone is coming to Scotland to see or participate in the Edinburgh Fringe or Edinburgh Festival please do get in touch through my website. I will be there performing in my duo PianoPiano.Piano impro on two Grands!

31/03/2015 12:11 By Karen MacIver

Have a look at this article. My great friend Peppy Hills based in Birmingham does the most astonishing work!


26/03/2015 17:17 By Karen MacIver

As a little aside to my work in dance.....I am playing tomorrow night with my partenr in crime Hilary Brooks as pianoPiano. We impro on two GRAND pianos. Oh what fun! Tickets at The Maltings...Have a look or indeed come.

19/03/2015 16:51 By Karen MacIver

Tonight sees the official reopening of the GlasgowTheatre Royal in a gala Royal Variety show. Home of Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera and many many touring productions for Ambassadors theatre. I'm playing piano in the orchestra for the lighter side of the programme....

11/03/2015 09:08 By Karen MacIver

In my other guise as PianoPiano, Hilary Nrooks and I are performing at The Maltings next Friday. Two piano impro. Bring it on!

More to come....

08/03/2015 11:42 By Karen MacIver

Would a music course tied to academic study of dance be beneficial? Discussing this with colleagues here. Interesting stuff!

04/03/2015 11:42 By Karen MacIver

The exceptionally talented Paul Liburd made a return visit to Scotland last week to impart his vast knowledge of classical and contemporary dance to the students here in Glasgow. I played music for his video classes available on youtube.#mce_temp_url#

24/02/2015 11:51 By Karen MacIver

There is an interesting and long running thread on Teachers of Classical Ballet Group from Massimiliano Greco on the importance of music in Class. Wonderful thoughts. Have a listen to some of my albums in the hope you may agree!

23/02/2015 14:10 By Karen MacIver

I am rethinking the title of my book from First Class to The Art of Ballet Class. Any thoughts?

22/02/2015 16:46 By Karen MacIver

I have not been able to access my website nor email for a couple of weeks due to being hacked. It's the most frustrating circumstance. However all back up and running. Sorry for any inconvenience on getting on the website. Thanks.

20/02/2015 11:39 By Karen MacIver

Tickets available for opening night of Scottish Opera's Orfeo on 19th Feb - directed by Scottish Ballet's perivious artisitic director Ashley Page. I have the great luck to be working with the dancers in production warm-up class. Divine!

04/02/2015 13:28 By Karen MacIver

That's the first draft of Grade6 new music off to British Association of Teachers of Dancing for approval.

03/02/2015 14:18 By Karen MacIver
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