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04/02/2016 18:13 By Karen MacIver

As promised, here is the next instalment from Bethany Leger. Thanks again to here and her work at Here she talks about composers.... 2. Research composers. Does your iPod library list only the latest pop hits? Try adding a classical song or two to change things up. Cultivating an interest in classical music will make you a better dancer. Not sure where to start? Famous full-length ballets like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Romeo and Juliet boast some of the most popular, easily digestible pieces to introduce you to the world of classical music. Tchaikovsky too daunting? You can listen to albums composed specifically for ballet class, such as the musical stylings of Karen MacIver, a professional pianist who has played directly for the Scottish Ballet. There is no shortage of inspiration out there—CDs, DVDs, even YouTube can provide insight into the world of traditional and contemporary composers.