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For all my previous customers, thank you for supporting my work! As a reward I'll be sending out a code for 20% reduction in further purchases. THANK YOU
05/01/2020 17:49 By Karen MacIver musicforballetclass,

Welcome to the new decade!. Ive been working terrifically hard on publishing my e-books, The Art of Class. Aimed at professional and aspiring pro musicians who want to know just a little bit more about the secrets behind playing for Class at Company level. Here's the link!  www.artofclass.online

03/01/2020 12:47 By Karen MacIver artofclass, musicfordance, danceclass,

It's time for us to pack our bags and head to the 'Il Cuorpo e Suono' conference in Rome https://ilteatrodellamemoria.com/2017/09/28/accademia-nazionale-di-danza-announces-the-3rd-edition-of-il-corpo-nel-suono/

A quietly confident weekend of practical and research for the musician working in dance. A real inspiration. Go on, get a Ryanair ticket (haha) and GO.

Our last academic term student at Royal Conservatoire is heading off there too as she finds her feet on a new platform.

28/09/2017 14:45 By Karen MacIver

It's that time of the year again and Scottish Ballet are already perfoming their new Autumn Season programme "Stravinsky". So glad the composer gets top billing in the title!

18/09/2017 11:57 By Karen MacIver

It is a difficult journey trying to get an ebook out there. Especially with video and audio to contend with. So I'm two thirds of my way through writing The Art of Class. Part 1: Overture is a free download here. https://designrr.s3.amazonaws.com/karen_at_musicdesignuk.com_22828/a46f842a283e8d81fafa021f0b0ddb7a5968af7ed557936daf1d715b9023d198

Part 2 Improvisation will be coming out on ibooks soon! Then the big guns, part 3. All about playing for Free Class. A mammoth task but will be next in line.

27/06/2017 17:02 By Karen MacIver

Well I've been posting a LOT of material on my facebook page Music for Ballet and Dance Class. Loads of info and ideas. So now I'm asking for guest contributors to my page. First up my student Anna Shneider from Poland who trained in Austria then came to UK to join us at Scottish Ballet for 2 years. Wonderful!

13/06/2017 11:14 By Karen MacIver

So my Facebook page Music for Ballet and Dance Class is currently hosting a page a day from my new ebook The Art of Class : The Overture .Please like, share,comment,review!!!

11/05/2017 17:15 By Karen MacIver facebook, ballet, music,

There's a whole world out there of musicians who are really great at connecting in the world of dance. I guess the next step is to find a place where we can communicate our ideas to young enthusiastic techers and dancers who would like to know more about our world. Get in touch with me and we can start setting up contacts!

15/02/2017 10:03 By Karen MacIver
Had a blast today in Class. We had photo taken the the dancers I'm on the right...) then dancers went on to rehearse "Emergence"Go to Scottish Ballet website to see what was happening!
04/10/2016 21:15 By Karen MacIver

That is the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland back to work with our Piano for Dance course hosted at Scottish Ballet.

27/09/2016 10:43 By Karen MacIver

Disamyed to find that no teachers signed up for the Exploring Musicality CPD in Glasgow next week. It's more vital to a teacher and student's career in every way. A heartfelt plea. Don't stop the music. https://www.rad.org.uk

12/09/2016 15:17 By Karen MacIver

Well it's a grand day when a vocational school gets in the big guns as head of their music department. Well done Robert Parker for appointing Jonathan Still at Elmhurst School of Dance.http://www.elmhurstdance.co.uk/home.html

31/08/2016 16:03 By Karen MacIver

I think many of us wonder how we can optimize our presence on Linkedin. Well can I sugget you join a Group and you will suddenly find you have a world of like-minded colleagues.Teachers of Classical Ballet: here's a great link:https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2387086

29/08/2016 15:13 By Karen MacIver

Thanks to everyone who has bought or downloaded music from my site. I know it's a pain, but if you had just two minutes to post a review of my music - especially with ideas of what you would like - it would really help me identify what I can do to help dancers and dance teachers! Meantime here's a promotion for a GREAT event happening in London next week with the wonderful Mikah Smillie at the helm. I did an arrangement of the opening number Railroad Rhythm . National Youth Ballet nationalyouthballet.org is a wonderful organisation encouraging young dancers into the profession.

26/08/2016 10:37 By Karen MacIver

I've just been writing about musical instinct and how we , as dance musicans, should harness that. Not only to know your instrument well, but to understand how harmony and melody influence rhythm. I often work with dance teachers who I love and can kind of predict what they are going to do next .we can read body language more than you can imagine. I descibe playing well as a good game of chess to my students. Hope they get it! Have a read at this interesting article....http://www.ucalgary.ca/hic/issues/vol2/5

24/08/2016 16:57 By Karen MacIver

Well that's me finished the first draft of my book on music for ballet class. Sometimes it seems impossible to negotiate the difficulties of PRS,MCPS and PPL. However a request for usage I sent to Universal www.umusic.co.uk - the biggest worldwide publishers - could not have been easier. Lovely emails, helpful staff and all for just one tiny request. Thanks for making life easy for musicians! Is that not what it's all about?!

08/08/2016 11:05 By Karen MacIver
It's a great time of year for young dancers to get to know what they are capable of. Especially working with top class ballet teachers from all round the world. The difference many young dancers will notice is that Summer Schools use live music and if they are used only to examination syllabus music on CD they will find this an uplifting experience. Enjoy yourselves!
02/08/2016 15:35 By Karen MacIver

As I have a bit of time off over the summer, I am compiling exercises I have devised for piano improvisation. These will lead onto exercises for ballet class. It's an enormous task putting the material together! Meanwhile trawling through the internet I came across a great article on Wayne McGregor using impro techniques in dance and documented/inspired by the computer.Titled 'Thinking with the Body' https://wellcomecollection.org/exhibitions/thinking-body-mind-and-movement-work-wayne-mcgregor-random-dance/?video=5

25/07/2016 13:25 By Karen MacIver
Thanks for your great comments on Bethany's insight. Here is her last contribution. If YOU wish to be our next guest blogger please get in touch! 3. Pay attention to how the music makes you feel.! Musicians have their instruments; for dancers, their body is their instrument. The next time you’re in class, pay attention to how your body responds to the music. Sure, the structure of class dictates that you practice specific steps and combinations. However, emotional reactions to the music can clue you in to what kind of instruments, rhythms, and tones speak to you the most. Do you well up during adagio? Does the sound of violin make you cringe? Do you come alive with fast footwork? Our bodies are not merely machines for executing technique, but conduits for musical expression. Acknowledging the role music plays in your dancing will make you a better artist, helping you to be less self-conscious and a more seasoned performer. ! The marriage of classical music and ballet technique has produced some of the world’s finest performing artists. Whether you’re a professional dancer, or total novice, finding ways to connect to the music will give you greater insight into your craft. !
09/02/2016 18:34 By Karen MacIver

As promised, here is the next instalment from Bethany Leger. Thanks again to here and her work at Here she talks about composers.... 2. Research composers. Does your iPod library list only the latest pop hits? Try adding a classical song or two to change things up. Cultivating an interest in classical music will make you a better dancer. Not sure where to start? Famous full-length ballets like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Romeo and Juliet boast some of the most popular, easily digestible pieces to introduce you to the world of classical music. Tchaikovsky too daunting? You can listen to albums composed specifically for ballet class, such as the musical stylings of Karen MacIver, a professional pianist who has played directly for the Scottish Ballet. There is no shortage of inspiration out there—CDs, DVDs, even YouTube can provide insight into the world of traditional and contemporary composers.

04/02/2016 18:13 By Karen MacIver
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